AN/TRC-170 system

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) has secured incremental funding for the delivery of secret internet protocol router and non-secure internet protocol router access point (Snap) tactical transportable TROPO (3T) deployable communications systems to the US Army.

The $2.8m funding is being provided by the US Army project manager for the warfighter information network-tactical (PM WIN-T) commercial satellite terminal programme, through the army’s $5bn worldwide satellite systems (WWSS) contract vehicle.

TCS government solutions group-president, Michael Bristol, said the presence of cost-effective, easily deployable and reliable communications systems is vital to successful completion of the US military operations.

”TCS’ JF-12 certified 3T fits these requirements, is a viable alternative to expensive satellite bandwidth, and its approved frequency assignment allows rapid access to global communication networks," Bristol said.

"The presence of cost-effective, easily deployable and reliable communications systems is vital to the US military operations."

3T is a high capacity, modular communications system designed to provide high bandwidth, low latency, non-satellite beyond line of sight (BLOS) network transport for both current and future bandwidth intensive command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C5ISR) platforms at distances of up to 150m.

Featuring the company’s combat proven SNAP VSAT system and Comtech Systems’ modem, the JF-12 certified system can offer long haul communications even in absence of bandwidth and over-the-horizon communications, in the regions where line-of-sight (LOS) is obstructed.

In addition, the Quad Diversity capable system establishes connectivity at greater data rates than typical satellite links, delivering greater speed for bandwidth-intensive applications, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) video distribution, without recurring satellite airtime costs.

Available on the TCS’ SNAP 2.0M antenna, 3T also supports backwards compatibility with multiple US Department of Defense’s (Dod) existing TROPO systems, such as AN/TRC-170 (V)2 and (V)3 systems.

The number of units ordered under the contract and delivery schedule has not been disclosed.

Image: TCS’ SNAP 3T system also supports backwards compatibility with US Army’s AN/TRC-170 system. Photo: courtesy of the US Army.

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