French company Thales has selected PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice as the data-sharing platform for the sighting systems implemented on the UK Ministry of  Defence (MoD) Ajax vehicle programme.

The Ajax fleet will be delivered to the British Army by General Dynamics Land Systems-UK, which has been contracted to supply 589 Ajax armoured fighting vehicles from 2017 through to 2023.

Thales supplies sighting systems and ancillary equipment for the Ajax fleet.

"Vortex will be making a significant contribution to the performance of these vehicles."

Under the UK MoD’s generic vehicle architecture (GVA) standard, armoured vehicles must adhere to the data distribution service (DDS) standard for their data communication protocol.

Based on DDS, Vortex OpenSplice will enhance communications and interoperability between the vehicles’ advanced on-board systems and provides device-to-device data sharing in real time.

PrismTech corporate development senior vice-president Steve Jennis said: "Vortex provides an extremely cost-effective solution.

"We're pleased to be working with Thales on such ground-breaking work. Vortex will be making a significant contribution to the performance of these vehicles."

Vortex is an intelligent data-sharing platform for real-time systems, such as those found in aerospace and defence applications.

Jennis added: "When troops are in the field and their lives depend on systems communicating with one another, reliability, accuracy and real-time performance are essential and that’s what Vortex OpenSplice delivers."

Featuring a highly effective 40mm cannon, the Ajax vehicles will provide the army with enhanced intelligence, surveillance, protection, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities.