Tata Power’s strategic engineering division (SED) has signed a licensing agreement to domestically manufacture Honeywell Aerospace‘s tactical advanced land inertial navigator (TALIN).

Under the terms of the agreement, Honeywell will provide the design, hardware and expertise to Tata for the assembly, testing and manufacture of the TALIN 2000 production kits.

The agreement matches the Indian Government’s objective of organically growing its defence industry and the ‘make in India’ initiative.

The Honeywell-patented TALIN increases troop safety and maximises mission success by enabling vehicles and artillery to navigate very precisely, even in the absence of GPS satellite guidance.

"TALIN represents the latest in GPS-free navigation and positioning technology."

Tata Power SED chief executive officer Rahul Chaudhry said: "We are proud to have completed this technology sharing arrangement, which will offer the Indian Armed Forces a state-of-the-art inertial navigation technology, made in India and with local product support.

"This agreement sets the standard for locally produced defence technologies to sustain India’s military growth and mission success over the coming years."

Honeywell Aerospace India president Arijit Ghosh said: "TALIN represents the latest in GPS-free navigation and positioning technology, designed to improve asset safety and ultimately mission success."

The TALIN production marks the first time India has locally produced inertial land navigation technology, which is not limited by reliance upon GPS, an important benefit for vehicles and artillery operating across the country’s mountain, desert and forest terrain.

Using the proven Honeywell Ring Laser Gyro and Quartz Accelerometer technologies, TALIN is an accurate, shock-stabilised position and pointing system, designed for use on an array of military and commercial platforms.

The initial efforts for the TALIN 2000 are scheduled to start in 2015, with production and manufacturing of the system components expected by 2016.

By that time, the agreement will also be extended to cover Honeywell’s TALIN 3000, 4000 and 5000 products, which offer varying capabilities to suit a broad spectrum of operational requirements.

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