Russian state corporation Rostec's subsidiary Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) is planning to deliver Rychag-AB active jammers for the Russian Army.

The army's Mi-8????-1 radioelectronic warfare helicopters will be fitted with Rychag-AB that can suppress several targets at once, the company said.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia will take delivery of 18 Mi-8????-1s by the end of this year.

When fitted on aeroplanes and helicopters, the active jammers can completely blind the enemy within a range of several hundred kilometres.

The Rychag-AB provides group protection for aeroplanes, helicopters and drones against air defence aviation, as well as ground machines against air strikes, according to KRET.

"The active jammers can completely blind the enemy within a range of several hundred kilometres."

It will select the most effective jamming method based on the type of target as it is supported by an integrated database of different types of threats for covered objects.

Last year, the company held talks about a pre-prototype of the option on a Mi-8 ???? helicopter delivered for test operations.

Founded in 2009, KRET focuses on developing and producing electronic warfare equipment, including weapons control systems for civilian and military aircraft, state identification applications, and radio measuring solutions.

The company designed Parol, one of the two existing identification friend or foe systems employed by Russia and the CIS.

The other MK-12 system is used by the US and the Nato countries.

Image: The Rychag-AB active jammers will be fitted on Mi-8????-1 helicopters for the Russian Army. Photo: courtesy of Rostec.