Elbit Systems has been awarded a series of contracts for the supply of command, control, computer, communications and intelligence (C4I) systems and communications systems to the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD).

Valued at a combined $117m, the company will develop the next-generation digital army project (DAP), a master programme that aims to computerise all operations of land forces, connecting all field and command levels into a central data transfer network.

Work is scheduled to be performed over a six-year period.

Elbit Systems president and chief executive officer Bezhalel Machlis said: "The new contracts attest to the customer’s satisfaction from our systems’ past performance.

"The company will develop the next-generation digital army project (DAP)."

"Being awarded contracts for next-generation DAP and communications systems, based on advanced command and control and communications capabilities, further strengthens our position as world leaders in this field."

The company will also develop, upgrade and supply communications systems and wideband radio systems, in addition to providing logistic support and maintenance for the systems.

Also known as Tzayad, DAP is a secure C4I network that networks Israel’s headquarter commanders and service branches with armour, infantry, artillery and other speciality forces down to brigade level, as reported DefenseNews.

Speaking to the publication after the contract award, Machlis said: "We’re talking about a technological upgrade that will provide an enormous leap in combat effectiveness that comes from networked operations.

"It will allow us to transition from the transfer of information to the transfer of knowledge … All based on the secure, robust digital net that has proven itself so well in recent years."

Elbit has also received contracts worth a combined $54m to supply and maintain IMOD’s advanced electro-optics systems.

Electro-optics Elop, the company’s subsidiary, will carry out work over a six-year period.