Elbit Systems completes upgrade of Lithuanian self-propelled 120mm mortars

8 December 2015 (Last Updated December 8th, 2015 18:30)

Elbit Systems Land&C4I has successfully completed the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ self-propelled 120mm mortar systems upgrade programme.

self-propelled 120mm

Elbit Systems Land & C4I has successfully completed the Lithuanian Armed Forces self-propelled 120mm mortar systems' upgrade programme.

Earlier this month, the company has started practical tests with the newly upgraded heavy mortars at the General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabrade.

The modernised mortar systems now include a digital automated fire control, observation, and adjustment equipment.

During testing, the company assessed the compatibility and efficiency of the upgraded mortars, fire control, and observation and adjustment equipment, and command and control systems.

Using the battle management system, Lithuanian soldiers performed live-fire tasks and assignments of self-propelled mortar units. They also evaluated voice and data transfer through the communication equipment.

The battle management system facilitates planning and control of tasks and decision-making processes, and reduces the time required to complete assignments.

"Lithuanian soldiers performed live-fire tasks and assignments of self-propelled mortar units."

New barrels will enable the Lithuanian Armed Forces' mortars to use new ammunition, increasing their effectiveness and range.

Mounted on the M113 A2 tracked armoured personnel carriers, the self-propelled mortar units will be delivered following the completion of the practical testing, and receipt of approval from Lithuanian military experts.

The new howitzers will be used by the Rukla-based Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf, which currently operates 105mm howitzers with an effective range of 11km.

The €6.6m upgrade programme was awarded to Elbit in December 2013 through an open public tender procedure.

Image: Lithuanian soldiers performed live-fire tasks with the newly upgraded self-propelled 120mm mortar systems. Photo: courtesy of A.Pliadis / Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania.