Drone Aviation Holding has received a US Department of Defense (DoD) contract for communication sensor integration on winch aerostat small platform (WASP) systems.

The contract covers integration of a new communications payload that will expand WASP's mission flexibility to include a wide range of additional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) requirements, such as voice and data network range extension, and enhanced reconnaissance support.

Drone Aviation chairman and CEO Jay Nussbaum said: "This DoD integration award is the third WASP contract we have received from the DoD this year, demonstrating the WASP's unique ability to evolve with the emerging challenges facing the modern warfighter.

“Through the integration of advanced voice and data communications payloads, the WASP is greatly expanding its role on the battlefield by supporting a growing number of missions including communications and ISR.”

The integration contract is valued at more than $200,000.

"This DoD integration award is the third WASP contract we have received from the DoD this year."

WASP has been designed to provide video and wireless communication range extension from either a fixed, stationary position or while being towed.

This tactical and mobile aerostat system can operate at altitudes of up to 1,500ft above ground level, with launch sites at 6,000ft above sea level.

It supports DoD's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission profiles involving ground-based and aerial assets.

The US Army-owned WASP systems have successfully supported various training operations and DoD exercises over the past three years.

Image: WASP has been designed to provide day / night video and wireless communication range extension. Photo: courtesy of Drone Aviation Holding