Army logistics

Cherokee Nation Red Wing (CNRW) has been selected to compete for individual task orders under the US Army’s emerging enhanced army global logistics enterprise (EAGLE) programme contract.

Awarded by the Army Sustainment Command (ASC), the EAGLE contract includes a five-year base performance period and a maximum potential value of $23bn for all recipients.

Selected along with 24 companies in the programme’s second phase, CNRW will compete for task orders covering supply of maintenance operations, supply support and transportation services to the army.

Cherokee Nation principal chief, Bill John Baker, said the company will work to support US military personnel worldwide with an integrated approach to global logistics services.

Cherokee Nation Red Wing president, Russell Claybrook, said the EAGLE contracts deliver all logistics related services, including maintenance, supply and transportation support services to soldiers in the battlefield that were earlier supplied under separate contracts.

”This programme centralises responsibility and allows contractors to meet the army’s needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner,” Claybrook said.

The EAGLE programme is structured through a basic ordering agreement, which is a written understanding against a traditional contract between the government and selected contractors.

"Cherokee Nation will compete to supply sustainment services to the army’s directorate of logistics organisations."

Specifically, Cherokee Nation will compete to supply sustainment services to the army’s directorate of logistics organisations and other groups within the branch for transportation, refurbishment and maintenance of equipment in the field.

Additional responsibilities will also include troops training, inventory, services and parts availability and support for the resetting of equipment to keep it ready for deployment.

Work is scheduled to be carried out at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alaska, and also across army facilities in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Several large companies, such as Exelis, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, DynCorp International and General Dynamics were selected during phase one of the EAGLE programme.

Image: EAGLE contract supplies sustainment services for US Army’s logistics operations. Photo: courtesy of US Army.

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