BANC3 has been awarded a series of contracts to support the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s (RDECOM) Communications-Electronics Center (CERDEC) in multiple research and development projects.

Valued at $35m, the contracts require the company to provide technical research, development and engineering services related to next generation mission-based solutions, including the low profile displays and light weight sensors component technology programme in the visible/near infrared portions of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Specifically, BANC3 will develop small, lightweight direct/indirect view imaging sensors, micro-display technology, advanced optics, digital image processors, and corresponding software and advanced laser technology, including the small tactical optical ranging module (STORM), the grenadier laser range finder II, the STORM pre-planned product improvement and the handheld optical augmentation programme.

BANC3 president Babu Cherukuri said: "We are very pleased that the US Army again has acknowledged BANC3’s previous successful support efforts and we look forward to partnering with CERDEC Directorate in continuing to provide to intelligence gatherers, decision-makers, and war fighters on the front lines the innovative technology solutions and tools necessary to act with speed and confidence."

In addition, the company will support command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and systems integration programmes to develop and maintain the infrastructure that is critical to the implementation of best-of-breed war-fighting capabilities.

Some of the capabilities include migration of command post of the future/joint battle command-platform into the COE, data to decisions, war fighter information network-tactical, mission command on the move, energy informed operations, as well as assured position, navigation, and timing, among other programmes.

The company will provide the expertise required for technology integration and insertion, installation, testing, logistical, tactical soldier support for both legacy data and application, as well as emerging battlefield operating environments, business operations, safety, and material/equipment acquisition to support the directorate mission.