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SSI Technology has awarded a contract to BAE Systems for the supply of additional advanced survivability seats for the US Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicles in support of the Bradley Advanced Survivability Seats Driver programme.

Delivered under a $10.8m contract, the seats will be applied to a portion of the Army’s Bradley Urban Survivability Kit (BUSK) programme, which aims to provide a series of rapid survivability improvements to vehicles currently deployed.

The seats, also called the Survivor Post Mount 1000 and Survivor Modular Troop 3000, feature an energy-absorbing technology to protect soldiers from potential spinal injuries in cases where vehicles are hit with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other threats on the battlefield.

The belted self-resetting seats offer maximum occupant protection during initial blast and slam-down events, while the quick-release headrest and SCHROTH restraint help during emergency evacuations.

Bae Systems Support Solutions vehicle protection programmes director, Frank Crispino, said: "The seat and restraint system were integral components of the overall vehicle survivability capability to protect occupants from blasts and other threats."

Manufacturing work will be performed at the company’s facility in Phoenix, Arizona, US with deliveries scheduled to commence in May 2012 followed by completion in June 2013.

The Bradley fighting vehicle includes the M2 infantry fighting vehicle and the M3 cavalry fighting vehicle and is designed to transport infantry on the battlefield, with armour protection while providing covering fire to suppress enemy troops and armoured vehicles.

The vehicle is used by the US Army’s heavy brigade combat team as an infantry fighting vehicle, cavalry fighting vehicle, fire support vehicle, command vehicle and engineer squad vehicle.

The company has delivered more than 1,900 Bradley seats to the army since 2009.


Image: BAE Systems to supply additional Advanced Survivability Seats for the US Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicles.