Arotech‘s Training and Simulation Division has secured a contract for supply of its Milo range force options simulators to the Saudi Arabian Defense Forces.

Under the terms of $2.9m firm fixed-price contract, the company’s MILO force options business unit will manufacture and deliver a total of seven custom-designed virtual weapons training simulators, for installation at regional readiness centres across the country.

Each of the seven systems has a multi-screen 24 lane MILO-based application, designed to offer a virtual firing range for pistol and rifle marksmanship training missions.

Arotech Training and Simulation Division executive vice-president Kurt Flosky said the strategic investment in internal product development of MILO range’s core capabilities and its configurable multiscreen applications have enabled the company to successfully compete and win in a growing international market.

"Our MILO range solution was well-positioned to satisfy the stringent Saudi Arabian requirements."

"Our MILO range solution was well-positioned to satisfy the stringent Saudi Arabian requirements and has continually proven itself to be the best solution for a vast array of global training applications," Flosky said.

Arotech MILO range business unit general manager, Robert McCue, said: "This competitive award validates our leadership role in the dual-purpose simulator market, to provide multi-lane and multi-screen virtual firing range solutions on top of the interactive video and CGI force option training capabilities that MILO range systems are known for."

The MILO range is a multi-tiered series of simulation training products, designed to provide realistic force and firearms training for military, law enforcement and public safety agencies worldwide.

Initial deliveries under the contract are scheduled to commence in first quarter of 2014, and will continue in phases through to the third quarter of 2014, until all systems are installed and on-site training is complete.

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