Argon Electronics has received an order for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) simulators from an undisclosed customer in the Middle East.

The order requires the company to provide a number of PlumeSIM simulators for Proengin AP4C and S4PE chemical agent detectors.

Argon's PlumeSIM is a portable, wide-area CBRN / HazMat field exercise and training system that is suitable for counter-terrorism and nuclear emergency exercises.

The simulators help train users to detect chemical agents or toxic industrial compounds, Argon said in a statement.

"The simulators help train users to detect chemical agents or toxic industrial compounds, Argon said in a statement."

The system's planning mode allows the user to prepare exercises on a PC / Laptop without system hardware.

Proengin's AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device that is used to detect directly chemical agents in the form of vapour, aerosols and dust.

The AP4C has the ability to detect phosphorus, sulphur and arsenic compounds, as well as ammonia, cyanogen chloride and cyahydric acid.

Based in the UK, Argon Electronics develops and manufactures hazardous material detector simulators, most notably in the fields of military defence.

Image: Argon to supply chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) simulators to a customer in Middle East. Photo: courtesy of ASDWire.