The US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to a consortium to build a data centre for the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect sensitive information from hackers and nation states trying to break into agency networks.

Under the $1.2bn contract, the consortium will design and build a 1.5-million-square-foot facility in south Salt Lake City, Utah.

The NSA facility, to be built under the government’s comprehensive national cybersecurity initiative, will feature 100,000ft² of raised data centre space for servers and storage.

The centre will also include 900,000ft² for technical support and offices, and 500,000ft² of support facilities such as an electric substation, fuel storage and a visitor control centre.

The data centre, with a 65MW power requirement, will spread across 200 acres inside Camp Williams, a 28,000-acre base for the Utah National Guard.

The consortium of builders includes Big-D Construction, Balfour Beatty and DPR Construction.