The US Army Contracting Command has awarded a contract to Alliant Techsystems to produce multiple variants of 20mm PGU ammunition.

Under the $50m contract, Atk will produce PGU-27A/B target practice (TP), PGU-30A/B target practice-tracer (TP-T) and PGU-28A/B semi-armour piercing high-explosive incendiary (SAPHEI) ammunition.

The order also includes a PGU-28A/B SAPHEI and PGU-30A/B TP-T linked configuration, as well as a PGU-27A/B TP and PGU-30A/B TP-T linked configuration.

The cartridges are currently in use on the US Air Force’s F-15 and F-16, the US Navy and Marine Corps F-18, and the US Marine Corps Cobra AH-1 helicopter.

The order follows a contract originally signed in September 2008 and is expected to exceed $170m by 2013, if all options are exercised.

Work will be carried out at the company’s facility in Independence, Missouri, US.