The US Army has awarded a contract to Solidica for the demonstration of a proof of concept (PoC) in support of ground combat vehicle system health monitoring.

Under the contract, Solidica, along with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), will supervise the development of an implanted structural health monitoring (SHM) system that can be incorporated into lightweight vehicle armour.

The contract from ARL also involves designing a robust sensor network implanted in the armour structure during the armour manufacturing process.

The PoC will assess the effect of the sensor network on armour performance, and test the ability to identify and transfer armour panel impact and damage.

The demonstration will also identify strategies for connecting SHM data to the army logistics information system and analysing signal data from sensed armour panels during ballistic testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, US.

Solidica said its vehicle health monitoring hub, Chorus, would provide the base for gathering, aggregating and transferring armour panel data from the vehicle in live-fire ballistic testing.

The company’s VP of military sales John McGinnis said the ability to assimilate previously unavailable armour health data into a complete asset health monitoring environment will be a generational leap forward in capability.

“Structural health monitoring is a key step in validating the fusion of materials and sensors in order to provide actionable information in the global battle space,” he said.