Alliant Techsystems (Atk) will produce rocket motors and warheads for the US Army’s precision-strike laser-guided Hellfire II missile.

Under follow-on production contracts valued at $32m, the company will manufacture and supply approximately 7,100 rocket motors and 2,200 metal augmented charge warheads.

The Hellfire II is a multitarget missile system that can be launched from several rotary-wing aircraft, special mission fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based tripods and boats.

The missile system is capable of destroying a wide range of targets including tanks, ships and bunkers while minimising collateral damage on the battlefield thanks to its precision-strike semi-active laser-guidance system.

Manufacturing work will be carried out at ATK’s facility in Rocket Center, West Virginia. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in April 2011 and be complete by July 2012.

The contract was awarded by Lockheed Martin.