Taliban forces in Afghanistan are overruling the Australian Defence Force (ADF) by using iPhones with multiple SIM cards and applications.

Australian Department of Defence chief technology officer (CTO) Matt Yannopoilos said the defence was being beaten in Afghanistan by enemies accessing information quickly via iPhones, according to zdnet.com.au.

“Bad guys in Afghanistan are using iPhones and applications and multiple SIMs and going much faster than we are,” he said.

According to the CTO, the ADF currently has approximately 4,500 applications storing data, and a range of data warehouses collecting information from various sources including sensors, ships, aeroplanes and radars.

“Despite the fact that the Australian forces use much more expensive and sophisticated technology, the defence information was stuck between ‘silos’ of data, with most of it going unused unless someone happened to be looking at it carefully,” Yannopoilos said.

In the near future, ADF expects to use data that is not separated into application silos for use by other applications.