The French defence procurement agency, the DGA, has awarded a contract to Thales to extend the French Army’s RITA (réseau intégré de transmissions automatiques) automated integrated communications network.

Under the €240m ($340.6m) contract, Thales will provide the army with high-performance IP communication systems for battalion command posts.

Thales will deliver the new variant of communications network RITA N4 for army level 4, or the GTIA (groupement tactique inter-armes) combined arms task force, a new level of command to be networked with higher ranks.

The new communications network will provide GTIA with services including e-mail, attachments, voice over IP at all command levels, as the company had previously delivered RITA for the army command levels 1 to 3.

The French Army has deployed the RITA network on several fields of operations to date. RITA N4 is an extension of the RITA 2G network.