The US Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) has awarded a contract to Science Applications International Corporation to provide signature measurement, prediction and analysis support.

Under the $19m contract, the company will provide a range of scientific and technical assistance to help MSIC predict, measure, analyse and evaluate signatures of foreign missile systems and associated ground support equipment.

SAIC provided data includes radar cross-section, synthetic aperature radar, ground moving target indicator signatures, electro-optical, infrared, ultraviolet, visible, laser, acoustic, seismic, magnetic and electromagnetic emanations.

Measured signature data of foreign missiles and space weapons helps US weapon developers to support detection, early warning, discrimination, tracking, engagement and assessment.

MSIC provides intelligence on foreign missile and space systems, including short-range ballistic missiles, surface-to-air missiles, directed energy weapons, anti-ballistic missiles, direct ascent anti-satellite weapons, land-based directed energy weapons and anti-tank guided missiles.

Work under the five-year contract will be carried out in Huntsville, Alabama.