The US Army has awarded a contract to IT service provider Caci to upgrade its common ground systems (CGS) with subsystems from the distributed common ground system-army (DCGS-A) Ground Mobile system.

The DCGS-A integrates intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data in a single system, providing the army with a simple way to distribute the data to field commanders.

Under the $24m contract, the company will provide programme management and technical engineering services to upgrade CGS. It will also develop and integrate software and provide life-cycle management for the integrated systems.

In addition, CACI will maintain cost-effective system utilisation and provide logistical support for optimal system deployment.

The upgraded CGS systems will enable soldiers to receive, process and share intelligence data in a more effective way to visualise and analyse imminent threats, predict threat intentions, and develop countermeasures.

The 18-month contract is part of the strategic services sourcing (S3) contract with the army.