The US Army has received six diesel hybrid special operations vehicles from Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide.

The clandestine extended-range vehicle (CERV) is a diesel hybrid electric vehicle specifically designed for quick-paced special operations-type missions involving reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting.

The CERV uses Quantum’s proprietary Q-Force technology – an all-wheel-drive diesel hybrid electric powertrain integrated on a purpose-built lightweight chassis.

The vehicle can maintain a speed of 80mph, ascend 60% grades and has a torque rating beyond 5,000lbft.

The diesel hybrid technology reduces the fuel consumption by 25% when compared with a conventional vehicle. In addition, the hybrid control system minimises battery size through optimised charge controls and regenerative braking.

The vehicles have been delivered to the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), National Automotive Center (NAC).