ThalesRaytheonSystems’ AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder Reliability Maintainability Improvement programme, designed for the US Army, has entered its final testing stage.

The programme involves upgrading the AN/TPQ-37, extending its service to 2030 and cutting lifecycle costs.

The system is used for locating the position of hostile artillery, rockets and mortars enabling friendly forces to quickly and accurately return precision fire.

The upgraded system features enhancements such as a modular, air cooled transmitter, which uses an on-demand air flow system, maintenance-free filtration and a new radar processor.

According to ThalesRaytheonSystems, the AN/TPQ-37s, will improve the system’s availability by 90% and simplify maintenance procedures.

The radar is expected to enter a government-run live-fire exercise in August 2009 followed by an additional series of tests before the army fields it in November 2009.