The US Army has awarded a $6.8m contract to TeleCommunication Systems to provide mission-critical wireless communication services.

The orders include additional Secret Internet Protocol Router, Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Access Point (Snap) and Very Small Aperture Terminal Satellite Systems.

The systems, which fall under the SwiftLink family, provide multimedia communications capabilities which convey encrypted voice, video and imagery data.

The majority of the SNAP systems will be deployed in four different National Training Centre locations, where they will be used to train army personnel prior to field deployments.

The remaining systems will be used to support operations for Africom‘s Combined Joint Task Force in the Horn of Africa, while a few are being delivered to the Northeast Regional Research Centre.

The contract is part of the US Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command order announced in August 2008, with a potential value of $232m.

This is the eleventh increment of SNAP funding for SwiftLink deployable communications products and places TCS SNAP funding to date at $55.9m.

The US Army Project Manager for the Warfighter Information Network-TacticalCommercial Satellite Terminal programme provided the funding through the army’s $5b World-Wide Satellite Systems contract vehicle.

The SNAP programme includes options for approximately 1,500 terminals and supporting equipment to be deployed in various sizes and configurations over the next few years, along with up to 30 field support personnel.