The US Army’s Brigade Combat Team (BCT) modernisation strategy, according to officials, will provide better network capabilities and protection to troops than the previous $160bn ground vehicle project.

New ground combat vehicles will also be created in the next five to seven years as part of BCT.

BCT is designed to provide troops with an uninterrupted common-operating picture of the battle space and enhance tactics, training and equipment with the adoption of cutting-edge technology and lessons learnt from the Future Combat Systems (FCS) programme.

Vice-Chief of Staff General Peter Chiarelli said BCT will draw on lessons learnt from the past seven years of combat.

“In every aspect of the Army’s modernisation strategy, our purpose is to improve soldiers’ survivability and ensure they are able to maintain a decisive advantage over whatever enemy they may face,” Chiarelli said.

Eight FCS manned ground vehicles have been scrapped from the fiscal year 2010 budget and funds have been allocated for 73 BCTs in 2011.

The network created under FCS will also move to the BCT, according to military officials.