The UK Ministry of Defence has ordered nearly 200 new Jackal and Coyote armoured vehicles to support troops in Afghanistan.

The £74m order for around 110 enhanced Jackal 2 vehicles and more than 70 Coyote tactical support vehicles (TSVs) was awarded to vehicle manufacturer Supacat, who has formed an alliance with Babcock to help delivery.

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Quentin Davies said that the vehicles would give troops increased protection on frontline operations.

“This contract comes as our newest armoured vehicles, Mastiff 2 and Ridgback, go to Afghanistan for the first time, underlining our ability to deliver kit quickly to where it is needed,” Davies said.

The enhanced Jackal 2 features improved manoeuvrability, improved reliability and will be able to carry an extra crew member.

The Coyote tactical support vehicle TSV (Light) is based on a 6×6 derivative of the Jackal.

Both vehicles have been bought as part of the £700m protected patrol vehicles package unveiled by the MoD last October.

Supacat will be the prime contractor and will be responsible for design, development, prototyping, integration and overall programme management. Babcock will be responsible for detailed production planning, purchasing and manufacture.

The MoD expects to take delivery of the vehicles in summer 2009.