Lockheed Martin says it has completed a critical design review for the Enhanced AN/TPQ-36 counter-fire target acquisition (EQ-36) radar.

The radar, designed for the US Army, will provide the capability to detect, classify, track and determine the location of enemy indirect fire such as mortars, artillery and rockets in either 90-degree or 360-degree modes.

EQ-36 systems will replace TPQ-36 and TPQ-37 medium-range radars, which only operate in limited 90-degree modes.

Lockheed says the completion of the final design step clears the way for the programme to move into an initial production phase for five radar systems.

Lockheed will deliver the first two EQ-36 systems to the army by summer 2009; the third and fourth by fall 2009; and the fifth by early 2010.

By staff writer