NGRAIN has released the latest upgrade of its interactive 3D software at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, providing significant improvements in realism, performance, 3D animation creation and enhanced virtual practise.

Version 4.0 includes improvements to NGRAIN Producer, the NGRAIN Viewer and the NGRAIN Integration Kit, enabling defence customers to enhance courseware, technical manuals and logistics applications with 3D virtual equipment models.

NGRAIN says the new release enables users to virtually practise a much broader range of maintenance tasks and operational scenarios in 3D, including diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures.

NGRAIN CEO Paul Lindahl says there is a growing demand for 3D-based training with the entry of the “video game generation” into the maintenance workforce.

“Today’s technicians can be trained to perform maintenance tasks in an interactive 3D environment and NGRAIN simulations allow them to ‘learn by doing’ on a computer or a PDA, rather than simply watching videos or reading manuals,” Lindahl says.

“This helps to accelerate training, enhance knowledge transfer and improve overall field maintenance performance.”

by Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh