The US Army is looking to considerably bolster its Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armoured vehicles stock, according to a report in USA Today, to replace its humvees at a cost of $1m apiece.

The report says the Army has requested 10,000 of the vehicles to help counter the increasing threat of makeshift bombs in Iraq, although the Army and Pentagon officials have not formally commented.

US military and government news periodical publisher, Army Times Publishing Company, earlier this month said the US Army said the Army wanted to purchase 8,500 MRAP vehicles in 2008 and more than 9,000 in 2009.

It said the move will work alongside efforts to develop the joint light tactical vehicle, which has also been considered as a replacement for the Humvee.

The total cost of such efforts would cost $18bn over two years.

The Army already has 1,100 MRAP-type V-hull vehicles in theatre today.

The Army has said the MRAP vehicles offer the best protection for soldiers and Marines on the market today.