The US military has furthered its commitment to the integrated battlefield through communications by awarding General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin a $921m contract to continue development work with the WIN-T system.

Modifications to the tactical telecommunications system will provide warfighters with secure and fast mobile access to the US Defence Department’s Global Information Grid, according to Lockheed Martin president of mission and combat support and solutions John Mengucci.

“From command and control on-the-move to mobile radio and wireless communications, information will be delivered faster and more reliably then ever before, providing a new level of situational awareness with the ability to communicate seamlessly via voice, data and video,” Mengucci says.

The US Army announced in June plans to restructure and accelerate the WIN-T program in four increments – the current funding round is for WIN-T Increments Two and Three.

WIN-T Two delivers $126m for increased on-the-move broadband capability using satellite and radio links, scheduled to begin in 2009.

WIN-T Three, worth the remainder of the contract, will develop components required to meet the network’s full capacity, security and on-the-move capabilities – testing for this is due to begin in 2011.

By Penny Jones