Wessex Technology Group, INO and Multiple Access Communications have developed a real-time target recognition system, giving troops the ability to detect real-time target information ranging from tanks to improvised explosive devices.

The WTG Threat Recognition System consists of three distinct parts: data capture devices, the main processing unit (base station) and the communications relay, which are designed to be deployed ahead of advancing troops.

The system collects information from multiple camera feeds and transmits the data back to the base station.

Potential hostile targets are searched for, frame by frame in the video stream and then highlighted on a map or satellite image.

Specific location information is transmitted to troop head-up display, giving commanders the option of requesting further images of the threat for analysis.

The system is also capable of detecting changes between frames at speed, allowing it to identify a rocket or missile coming towards the camera.

WTG CEO Daryl Taylor says the system was designed for the UK MoD’s Grand Challenge.

“Our project is set to revolutionise the accuracy and usefulness of data recognition in today’s digital world through delivering near real-time information to the British and allied forces when it is needed the most,” Taylor says.

“To paraphrase the competition’s motto – there was a challenge and we found the solution.”

WTG made the announcement at the DSEi event in London.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh