Ricardo has developed a Torque Vectoring module which, when linked with a vehicle control system, enhances stability and reduces the likelihood of roll overs.

The unit can be used to direct drive torque between 100% left, centre or 100% right wheel bias.

A variant of the system gives multi-wheeled vehicles the ability to ‘spin on the spot’ and ‘spin on the move’, increasing manoeuvrability.

The technologies will enhance driver and passenger safety, improve dynamics and manoeuvrability and can be integrated into a wide range of vehicles both at the design stage and into existing vehicles, Ricardo Special Vehicles operations director Paul Tarry says.

“The application of Torque Vectoring systems on military vehicles offers the opportunity to significantly increase manoeuvrability and enhance handling performance while also increasing vehicle safety,” Tarry says.

“This robust and well developed technology has already been widely demonstrated by Ricardo in automotive applications and is an ideal candidate for deployment in a military vehicle context.”