ESC BAZ has launched a new family of Max control and monitoring systems for surveillance cameras and binoculars, and remote operation observation system Rooster, at the DSEi exhibition held in London, UK.

Rooster is a lightweight man-portable remote operation surveillance and observation system that can be integrated with electro-optic sensors and hand-held thermal binoculars.

The Max systems provide enhanced situational awareness to the troops and reduce exposure to enemy fire by enabling precise control, monitoring, and remote operation of the surveillance system from secure locations.

The MAX family includes an 8.4in LCD display, two-channel video input, integrated digital recording (DVR), programmable preset stations, and controls for thermal sensors, laser devices and additional situation awareness accessories.

The wired or wireless operated control and monitoring units also provide picture-in-picture (PIP) display capabilities as well as optional direct IP video streaming and video analytics.