Cassidian has delivered the third phase of the réseaux de desserte terre et marine (RDTM) project to a French military base in Toulon, France.

The RDTM project was awarded by the French DGA in 2009 and is part of modernising the networks operated by Direction Interarmées des Réseaux d’Infrastructure et des Systèmes d’Information de la Défense (DIRISI).

The project is intended to unify the telecommunication networks at the French land army bases (MTGT system) and naval bases (RVDM system) into a single system.

The third phase of the project covered the commissioning of the telecommunication network at the military base in Toulon.

The first phase of the project covered the operational service of two control centres (CMOs) in Rennes and Toulon, while the second phase covered the telecommunication network at the Cherbourg military base.

The next phase of the project involves updating the software at land army bases (MTGT) and naval bases in Lorient and Paris, and the operational commissioning of telecommunication networks at French overseas military bases.

As per the contract, the company will also maintain the RDTM network until 2015.