Bae has selected SAGEM‘s Sigma 30 artillery pointing and land navigation units for 48 new FH77 L52 Archer artillery systems to be deployed by the Norwegian and Swedish Armies.

Sagem’s Sigma 30 is based on digital laser, digital gyro technology and is designed to further enhance high-level automation of the Archer artillery system in particular simultaneous strikes against a single target.

Archer is a fully automated self-propelled artillery system equipped with a 155mm / 52-calibre gun and is capable of firing three-shot salvos in 13 seconds, within a range of 40km.

The inertial reference unit is also used to equip Caesar 155mm truck-mounted howitzer, MLRS multiple launch rocket systems deployed by NATO countries, and the 2R2M 120mm mobile mortar.

The artillery system will enter into service with the Nordic Battalion in late 2011.