Cubic Defense has been awarded a follow-on contract to provide support work for the maintenance and operation of area weapons effects simulator (AWES) systems at two British Army training areas in Canada and England.

AWES simulates large-scale force-on-force combat exercises such as effects of direct fire, artillery, mortar fire, mines and air-delivered munitions as well as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

AWES and its integrated tactical engagement simulation (TES) system tracks and monitors the actions and positions of more than 1,200 individual soldiers and 250 vehicles using GPS technology.

Cubic’s multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) technology is capable of recording hits, kills and misses of small-arms fire for post-mission analysis of the combat exercises.

The $30m follow-on contract is part of the three-year contract, for maintenance and operation of AWES systems at The British Army training units.