Milrem Robotics to support upgrade of Estonian CV90 IFVs

September 1, 2021 (Last Updated September 1st, 2021 15:24)

Milrem Robotics will provide support for the vehicle upgrade programme through engineering expertise.

Milrem Robotics to support upgrade of Estonian CV90 IFVs
In the next two years, Go Craft and Scania Estonia will refurbish all 37 CV90s. Credit: Soldatnytt /

European developer Milrem Robotics has joined the Go Craft and Scania Estonia consortium to support the upgrade of the Estonian Defence Forces’ CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

In June, the Estonian Centre of Defence Investment awarded Go Craft and Scania Estonia a $34.6m (€29.3m) contract to modernise 37 CV90 vehicles acquired from Norway in 2016.

With the support of Milrem Robotics, Go Craft and Scania Estonia plan to refurbish all 37 CV90s in the next two years.

Milrem Robotics CEO Kuldar Väärsi said: “Milrem Robotics has developed extensive engineering competence over the last eight years.

“We have a strong team in the Nordic countries with competence not only in autonomous navigation, but as well in hybrid drive, electrical and mechanical engineering, and systems integration. The Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is proof of these competencies.

“This CV90 project is a good example that we can work with more traditional and manned vehicles as well.”

Milrem noted that Go Craft and Scania Estonia will convert 31 CV90 vehicles into different types of supporting vehicles, such as fire support, engineering and anti-tank roles.

Specifically, the vehicles will be upgraded according to the requirements of the Estonian Defence Forces’ First Infantry Brigade Scouts Battalion.

Go Craft military field head Tormis Saar said: “As the technical task and work effort in the given time frame is ambitious, we have supplemented our team and chosen sub-contractors to support our mission.

“Milrem Robotics was the best choice to lead the mechanical engineering process to make the final design with the needed and chosen components according to all military standards and as ergonomic and user friendly.”

The CV90 IFV is used by the armed forces of several European nations.

In June, the Milrem Robotics-led integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System (iMUGS) consortium showcased the capabilities of manned and unmanned teaming.