Meggitt has been awarded a $48m contract from the US Army to supply an indefinite quantity of Aerial Weapons Scoring Systems (AWSS).

Under the full-service indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract, Meggitt will provide product development, installation, and training. The contract will also include field and cyber support, maintenance and repairs.

Meggitt’s defence division in Irvine, California, US, will deliver the IDIQ contract.

The AWSS is an air-to-ground scoring system that will provide the army with aviation gunnery training capability for the efficient operation of targeting systems.

It is comprised of five subsystems, including computer control subsystem (CSS), rocket acoustic subsystem (RAS), round identification / location subsystem (RILS), bullet scoring subsystem (BSS), and laser scoring subsystem (LSS).

The system was initially designed to support US Army attack helicopter crew qualification training.

Meggitt Defense Systems Strategy vice-president Gerry Janicki said: “Our AWSS technology enables gunnery crews to simulate real-life defence scenarios, providing essential training and ensuring safe, optimal performance of all equipment.

“We are proud that our technology has been selected by the US Army and we look forward to working closely with local teams as we roll out our AWSS solution.”

The AWSS system can provide objective scoring results of live-fire exercises involving attack helicopters launching projectiles, training practice rockets and submunitions.

It combines three different scoring technologies into a single system and delivers accurate evaluation results.

Key features include easy setup, user-friendly software, lightweight, and man-portable sensors and accessories.

Next week, Meggitt will display its newest Stationary Infantry Target (SIT) with location of miss and hit (LOMAH) at the Association of the US Army Annual Meeting & Exposition (AUSA) in Washington, DC.