MBDA and BAE Systems Hägglunds have conducted a live-fire test to demonstrate the capability of AKERON MP missile to integrate with the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90).

The test firing was carried out at a test range in Northern Sweden and observed by the Swedish Armed Forces’ officials and representatives.

According to MBDA, the combination of CV90 infantry combat vehicle (ICV) and AKERON MP or LYNKEUS missile system provides enhanced target engagement capabilities to the soldiers in forested, urban and other contested environments.

The integrated platform includes a wide range of features, such as AKERON lock-on before launch (LOBL) mode, which allows immediate target locking, and lock-on after launch (LOAL) mode for in-flight target acquisition.

All the integrated features were tested during the recent tests.

It showcased the capability of AKERON to engage targets at a range of up to 4km, along with an additional option for conducting joint combat operation using CV90 platform with MBDA’s LYNKEUS integrated micro-uncrewed aerial vehicle for scouting.

The company informed that the integrated tests were executed with the help of information provided by CV90’s combat system to the crews.

Besides, the test demonstrated compatibility of the integrated CV90 and AKERON MP/LYNKEUS system to operate in extreme cold combat conditions of the Nordic country, along with the successful LOBL in TV band.

AKERON is part of MBDA’s family of fifth-generation tactical missile systems. It is a medium-range, multi-purpose land and naval munition.

The CV90 infantry fighting platform is an advanced integrated combat system compatible with different fire control and weapon systems.