Lithuania’s Defence Material Agency (DMA) recently signed an agreement with Dutch counterparts to acquire Thales GM200 MM/C radars, marking a step in strengthening the nation’s artillery defences.

The radars, which have multi-mission capabilities, are set to provide Lithuanian Land Forces with enhanced situational awareness and weapon location capabilities.

Thales unveiled its Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission (GM200 MM) radar in 2019. Since then, Denmark and the Netherlands have partnered with Thales, acquiring five GM200 radars to bolster their air surveillance and defence capabilities. 

Designed to meet the challenges of modern warfare, the GM200 MM/C possesses simultaneous detection, tracking, and classification against threats, including drones, missiles, and helicopters. The radar’s 4D AESA technology ensures efficient threat assessment, granting operators more time to gather information on incoming dangers. The system is cyber-secured and equipped with software-defined radar technology.

The Lithuanian partnership with Thales, supported by ELSIS, emphasises national defence and collaborative efforts within NATO. The acquisition aligns with NATO’s mission of securing the skies, showcasing the robust European defence cooperation at play. 

Mr Sigitas Dzekunskas, director of the defence materiel agency, emphasises the collaborative aspect, The joint procurement provides a lot of opportunities for enhanced cooperation with NATO allies in the field of acquisition and support.

Gerben Edelijn, CEO of Thales Netherlands, underscores the significance of this Government-to-Government contract, This Government-to-Government contract between the Netherlands and Lithuania illustrates the strong European defence cooperation. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration between NATO countries for which our GM200 MM/C will increase the safety and security of military personnel and high-value assets.

Lithuania’s acquisition of Thales GM200 MM/C radars marks a technological leap in its defence capabilities and symbolises the collaborative spirit within NATO to ensure a more secure future for the nation and its allies.