The Latvian Armed Forces will procure additional shoulder-launched disposable AT4 weapon systems under a new delivery order awarded to Saab.

The order calls for deliveries in 2021. It is the third order under the framework agreement reached between the Latvian Armed Forces and Saab in 2017.

The framework agreement is designed to enable the Latvian Armed Forces to acquire AT4 systems through delivery orders.

Saab Dynamics business area head Görgen Johansson said: “This order demonstrates the customer’s belief in our AT4 system and in Saab. We are proud to provide our customers with AT4 systems that fulfils their specific demands and needs.”

The single-shot AT4 weapon system is designed to provide the forces with confined space and night capabilities.

To date, Saab has delivered the AT4 to over 15 countries across the world.

The company’s AT4 family of weapon systems comprises multiple man-portable, lightweight and fully disposable weapons, including anti-structure, anti-armour and anti-personnel / high-explosive weapons.

Weighing less than 7kg, the AT4 HEAT system is a shoulder-launched anti-armour weapon that provides defence against infantry-fighting vehicles.

The weapon is easy to operate and fully disposable, allowing soldiers to fire and destroy targets and then discard the empty tube.

The man-portable AT4CS HE enables dismounted soldiers to target enemies from buildings or structures.

Other systems in the family include AT4CS AST, AT4CS HP, AT4CS ER and AT4CS RS.

In July, Saab signed a framework agreement with the US to provide the AT4 system and Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle ammunition.

The agreement allows the US Army, US Special Forces and US Marines to place orders for a period of five years.