The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a possible foreign military sale (FMS) of precision-guided munitions to the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Approved by the US State Department, the total estimated cost of the FMS and associated equipment is $258m.

The sale package will include up to 3,953 KMU-556 joint direct attack munition (JDAM) guidance kits for GBU-31, 1,981 KMU-557 JDAM guidance kits for GBU-31, GBU-56 and 1,179 KMU-572 JDAM guidance kits for GBU-38 and 1,755 FMU-139 fuse systems.

The ROK has also requested DSU-42/B detectors, laser-illuminated target for GBU-56, components and accessories, weapon spare parts, as well as weapons training aids, devices, and spare parts.

Furthermore, US Government and contractor engineering, technical services, as well as other associated elements of logistical and programme support will be part of the sale package.

The sale will enhance the ROK’s capability to defend against existing and future threats. It will expand the inventory of munitions to support Alliance Operations Plans.

According to DSCA, the increased availability of munitions stores will also satisfy terms laid out by the Condition-Based Operational Control (OPCON) Transition Plan.

DSCA in a statement said: “This proposed sale will support the foreign policy goals and national security objectives of the United States by helping to improve the security of a major non-Nato ally that continues to be an important force for political stability, peace, and economic progress in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Boeing will serve as the principal contractor for the FMS.

In March, DSCA notified US Congress of the potential FMS of AGM-114R Hellfire Missiles to the ROK.