Personnel from the Italian Army have undergone training at US military training facilities to strengthen their marksmanship skills.

The training sessions were hosted by Engagement Skill Trainer (EST) on Caserma ‘Ederle’, the Gun Fighter Gym and the Squad Advanced Marksman Trainer on Caserma ‘Del Din’, reported Anna Ciccotti.

The Italian teams that participated in the training are 183rd Regiment ‘Nembo’, from the ‘Folgore’ Paratroopers Brigade based in Pistoia and a squad-size element of the 4th Alpini Paratroopers Regiment from Montorio Veronese.

Additionally, 14 members of the Multinational Civil-Military Cooperation Group (MNCG) from the town of Motta di Livenza also took part in the training.

US Army 7th Army Training Command Regional Training Support Division South chief James Matheson said: “The EST is a basic rifle marksmanship and crew served weapons simulator.

“There are a limited number of basic rifle marksmanship simulators in the Italian army.

“Having access to two US Army ten-lane ESTs in Vicenza provides a great training resource for our Italian Army partners.”

The virtual environment permits the trainees to carry out simulated scenarios, which include ambushes, react to contact, patrols, or search for improvised explosive devices.

Additionally, it provides coaching tools, which will allow them to review the performance following a simulation.

Matheson added: “The EST is such an important training simulator for the US Army that the new Army rifle qualification standards require a Soldier to pass table II in EST simulation prior to being permitted to attempt live-fire qualification.”