Global Ordnance (GO) has performed the accuracy test firing of an upgraded NORA B-52 M21 155m mobile howitzer system.

The test was conducted along with Serbian manufacturer Yugoimport SDPR before shipping the NORA B-52 system to the US to participate in the army shoot-off and evaluation programme.

During the evaluation, NORA will be put through its paces in various tasks to help the US army to decide, which system(s) meets its requirements.

GO said that the best performers could be invited to provide proposals related to manufacturing, delivery, deployment, support and training of their systems for the service.

The system’s chassis and fully automatic loader have undergone many significant upgrades.

Global Ordnance programmes director John Summers said: “It was an impressive system to see with the upgraded chassis and autoloader upgrade. The system performed flawlessly through the accuracy firing test.”

The NORA B-52 is a 155mm, 52-calibre self-propelled gun-howitzer produced by Yugoimport-SDPR primarily for the Serbian Army. The howitzer weighs 28,000kg.

With the enhanced NORA system, GO claims that it is providing an effective and lethal system to the US arsenal.

Global Ordnance president Marc Morales said: “GO is very thankful to Yugoimport for their dedication and commitment to performing the chassis and system upgrades in support of the US Army testing.

“Both Global Ordnance and Yugoimport have been excited about this programme since we received an invitation to the shoot-off and evaluation.  We want to deliver the best product in the competitive field while also offering the best value.”

Last December, Global Ordnance secured a contract to supply trinitrotoluene (TNT) to the US Army.