French defence procurement agency Direction générale de l’armement (DGA) has qualified Griffon SAN, the sanitary version of the military vehicle, in line with the framework set by the Scorpion programme.

Designed by Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises (GME) engin blindé multi rôles (EBMR) team comprising Nexter, Arquus and Thales, the first batch of Griffon SAN vehicles are expected to be ready in 2023.

Griffon is 24t véhicule blindé multi-rôle (VBMR or multi-role armoured vehicle) integrated into the Scorpion information system.

As part of the Scorpion programme, the vehicle was developed to renew medium-armoured vehicles, along with the Jaguar armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle, and Serval-light-armoured vehicle.

Since 2019, Griffon vehicles are being delivered to the French Army under the Scorpion programme.

DGA plans to procure 1,872 Griffons by 2030.This is aimed at replacing the ageing fleet of Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (VAB) 4×4 armoured personnel carriers that have been operational with the French Army since 1976.

The latest variant, Griffon SAN, will enable the recovery and evacuation of injured personnel from the battlefield.

The SAN version will support the evacuated personnel and onboard medical team with enhanced protection and environment to perform medical procedures.

This variant will cater to multiple missions including troop transport, communication relay, command post and artillery observation.

Furthermore, the Griffon vehicle shares equipment with other Scorpion vehicles, including vetronics and the Scorpion combat information system (SCIS).

Besides enabling digitisation of the battlefield and enhancing communication, it has a remotely operated turret that combines observation, protection and combat capabilities.

In December 2021, the GME team delivered the last Griffon vehicle planned for 2021 to the French Army.

The team met its delivery target for 2021 by supplying the 119th armoured vehicle to the armed forces.