FLIR Systems has expanded its portfolio with the launch of its new mid-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal camera.

Known as FLIR RS8500 MWIR, the camera is a combination of a mid-wave infrared detector with a telescope.

It is designed to help obtain data on long-range and high-temperature targets in challenging conditions.

According to the company, the FLIR RS8500 MWIR belongs to its science camera series and is suitable for use in a range of industrial applications.

FLIR Solutions Line of Business general manager Rickard Lindvall said: “With higher resolution and simplified data analysis, the FLIR RS8500 is an optimal thermal camera solution for applications in industries such as outdoor research, military, aerospace, university and government labs and film production.

“This new mid-wave camera provides the ability to accurately measure high- temperature, fast-moving targets at a greater distance and ensure operator safety.”

The FLIR RS8500 MWIR’s detector is used to provide a high-definition, large-format thermal image.

It delivers data up to 180 frames per second and offers greater situational awareness.

To avoid hot targets from looking saturated, the camera uses neutral density filters on images.

Furthermore, the upgraded RS8500 model provides 24% more pixels at a 46% faster frame speed than the previous RS8000 models.

Currently, the FLIR RS8500 camera is available worldwide.