Elbit deploys TORCH-X BMA system in Nato exercise CWIX 2021

July 29, 2021 (Last Updated July 29th, 2021 12:09)

The system was deployed to support UK Higher Headquarters’ preparedness activities.

Elbit deploys TORCH-X BMA system in Nato exercise CWIX 2021
Elbit Systems headquarters in Matam

Elbit Systems UK has deployed its TORCH-X based battle management application (BMA) system in Nato’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise 2021 (CWIX 2021).

During this Nato exercise held last month, the system supported the preparedness actions of UK Higher Headquarters in Five Eyes and Nato coalition settings.

Conducted at the Joint Force Training Centre in Poland, CWIX 2021 was aimed at testing and building interoperability between national and Nato communication and information systems (CIS) in joint environments.

Nearly 28 nations participated in the exercise. The participants performed more than 10,000 technical interoperability tests across domains such as land, water, air and cyber.

Elbit Systems UK CEO Martin Fausset said: “Deploying the TORCH-X based BMA in CWIX 2021 was a significant milestone for Elbit Systems UK.

“Having recently delivered, ahead of schedule, the 11th software drop of the BMA under the MORPHEUS programme, the CWIX 2021 exercise provided an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of the TORCH-X Command and Control platform in improving performance and interoperability across domains in a Five Eyes and Nato coalition environment.”

Elbit Systems UK team worked along with 13 Signals Regiment and staff from the Land Systems Reference Centre in the exercise.

The team succeeded in delivering interoperability assessments of the TORCH-X based BMA in CWIX 2021.

In 2018, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) selected Elbit Systems to provide the TORCH-X based BMA for the Morpheus programme.

The BMA system is a command and control (C2) platform used by many military customers worldwide.

In January this year, the UK MoD awarded Elbit Systems UK a £102m contract to supply its Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI) ‘sensor to shooter’ system for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams.