Elbit Systems UK has secured an initial contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide the British Armed Forces with XACT night-vision goggles (NVG).

The initial contract, valued at approximately £11.5m ($16m), will be performed over an 18-month period.

It has the potential for additional follow-on task orders over a period of five years.

The contract requires the lightweight micro binocular XACT nv33 night vision goggles to be delivered in a ‘helmet-mounted’ configuration.

Elbit noted that its XACT nv33 NVG enhances mission efficiency during dark conditions and allows ‘safe, off-road vehicle driving’ without headlights.

The XACT nv33 is a ‘lightweight binocular image intensifier’. It can be equipped on a wide range of helmets and can be used on several kinds of helmets or as head-mounted or hand-held.

Many Nato countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Israel have selected the operationally proven XACT family systems.

Elbit Systems UK CEO Martin Fausset said: “The XACT nv33 NVG systems have already been proven to enhance the operational effectiveness of several militaries around the world and we are pleased with the opportunity to provide this capability to the UK.

“The manufacturing and delivery of the XACT nv33 NVGs will create more skilled jobs in the UK and demonstrate freedom of action and value for money to the UK customer.”

Last month, Elbit Systems reported a 4.67% year-on-year (YoY) increase in quarterly revenue due to strong demand for its products.

Earlier this year, the UK MoD awarded Elbit Systems UK a £102m contract to supply its Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI) ‘sensor to shooter’ system for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams.