The Finnish Ministry of Defence has awarded a contract to Elbit Systems to equip its Army with radio communications devices.

Works under the contract, worth over $25m, are scheduled to be completed over a period of two years.

As per the deal, Elbit Systems will deliver modernised radio communications systems that will empower army personnel with advanced and secure tactical command and fire control.  

The devices can also be easily integrated with analogue radio equipment that is used by the Finish troops.

Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber general manager Haim Delmar said: “I am honoured by the trust placed by the Finish Defence Ministry in our capabilities.

“This contract validates the technological and operational advantages offered by our communication products. We look forward to a continued partnership with the Finish defence forces.”

The company’s military radio communications systems are currently being used by several European nations and Nato members including Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Spain, among others.

Last year, the Swedish Defence Material Administration awarded a follow-on contract to the company’s German subsidiary for additional Software Defined Radios.

Elbit Systems offers services in multiple areas including aerospace, land and naval systems, uncrewed aircraft systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Earlier this year, the company received a contract, valued at $548m, to provide multi-domain, combat networked, warfare capabilities for an Asia-Pacific nation’s armed forces. 

The integrated solution offered under the four-year contract will help enhance operational effectiveness, decision-making, and interoperability across platforms and systems.