Elbit Systems of Australia has been awarded a contract to provide its Skylark I LEX uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) to the Australian Army.

The UAS will be equipped with the electro optical and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system.

The ADS-B system will allow the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to perform a wide range of operations outside of the traditional military UAS employment missions, such as pairing with the different classes of airspace.

The UAS can also be deployed to support the ADF to conduct humanitarian and disaster relief, as well as other civilian security missions.

Elbit Systems of Australia managing director major general (retired) Paul McLachlan said: “This is great news for Elbit Systems of Australia as we gain momentum by broadening our offering to the ADF, as well as growth of our uncrewed and autonomous system capability being developed and used in country.”

The company’s Skylark I LEX UAS is designed to perform a wide range of in-theatre missions.

It features a 40km Line of Sight (LOS) communication range that allows the operator to effectively conduct different operations, such as force protection and reconnaissance missions.

The UAS is also fitted with a mission-oriented, intuitive man-machine interface (MMI), making it a combat proven asset on the battlefield.

Elbit Systems’ Skylark family of uncrewed systems are available in different versions, such as the Sklylark 3 Hybrid UAS, that are currently in service with the forces of various locations including Latin America, Israel, the Czech Republic, Asia, and Europe.

Earlier in November this year, Elbit Systems in the UK announced its partnership with Draken Europe to explore the role of UAS in conducting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.