Israeli company Elbit Systems has been awarded a $50m (NIS186.5m) contract to supply its new Red Sky air defence system to an undisclosed international military customer.  

The contract is set to be executed over the next two years. 

Elbit’s new Red Sky system is a tactical very short-range air defence (VSHORAD) system, designed to offer high protection against a range of low altitude air based threats.  

As per the terms of the latest agreement, Elbit Systems will deliver two Red Sky batteries, providing a comprehensive solution that combines soft kill as well as hard kill to enhance the defence capabilities of land forces.  

The solution comprises of different components, including Elbit Systems’ electronic warfare (EW) system, called Redrone, which is engineered for the detection, identification, location, as well as neutralisation of uncrewed aerial systems.  

The Redrone system features DAiR multi mission tactical radar, signal intelligence (SIGINT) sensors, radio frequency jammer, along with an Open Architecture Panoramic Sight – Light (COAPS-L) electro-optical (EO) payload.  

Additionally, the Red Sky system will be equipped with anti-aircraft missile launchers. 

Elbit Systems Land general manager Yehuda (Udi) Vered said: “The Red Sky system represents a state-of-the-art solution that addresses the urgent need to defend borders and secure strategic assets against a wide array of aerial threats at an affordable cost.  

“This new defence solution was created based on close collaboration between Elbit Systems’ divisions, utilising existing Elbit Systems building blocks and integrating them into a comprehensive new solution with new anti-aircraft missiles and advanced soft-kill defence mechanisms.” 

Elbit Systems specialises in developing, manufacturing, integrating and sustaining various next-generation solutions across different domains. 

Employing around 19,000 individuals across multiple countries and five continents, Elbit Systems reported revenues of approximately $6.0bn in 2023, with an order backlog of $17.8bn. 

In July 2023, Elbit Systems secured a significant contract worth $150m to supply its PULS rocket launchers and precision-guided long-range rockets to another international defence customer over the next three years.